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Online Coaching and facilitation

coaching e facilitazione online


Online Coaching and Facilitation

1. Introduction

We will meet, know each other and understand how I can help you.

2. Agreement

We will establish the goals of our sessions and how to proceed.

3. Meetings

We will choose the frequency of coaching or facilitation sessions.

coaching individuale online

Individual Coaching

Learn how to use your strengths to their fullest potential.

Thanks to Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, you can achieve personal well-being and fulfillment. In our online meetings, we will understand your values and transform them into goals and strategies to achieve them. Together, we will introduce practices and habits through which you can learn to improve yourself.

facilitazione di gruppi online

Team Facilitation

Participatory decisions and group intelligence.

I follow online groups through workshops and meetings, and allow them to identify and proceed together towards common goals. By listening to each other and sharing intentions and objectives, you can create harmony and find shared solutions, drawing out the best in each other.