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About Me

My journey and my education

Personal Manifesto

We need to learn to imagine the best possible futures in order to understand how we can make them happen, and do the best we can with what we have to achieve them.

Abundance and positive emotions are always an option. In our choices, we can and should imagine scenarios that exclude scarcity, fear, and competition.

There are methods and technologies that allow us to search and find exclusively win-win solutions, in both the economy and society, for humans and the planet.

Work and collaboration should start with active and profound listening that involves the needs and emotions of the people in front of us.

Decisions should be made by involving everyone who is affected so that we can choose together what’s best for all.

Marketing must be used as an ethical, sincere, and transparent tool to find and help those who share our same dreams and values.

Who am I

I turned to coaching and facilitation as a means of addressing my own personal issues, using the techniques that I now offer to others.

I attended medical school until the fifth year but had to abandon it due to health issues. I then pursued digital communication and Agile Project Management, training and managing digital projects as a consultant. 

The health problem persisted for years, preventing me from finding balance. I never stopped looking for a solution and in 2018 I became interested in coaching and Positive Psychology. I used these techniques on myself to feel better, learning to recognize and value my strengths and emotions, achieving my goals, and improving relationships with others. 

Since then, I combine coaching and facilitation techniques with Agile Project Management to assist my clients. I apply Sociocracy as a tool to achieve similar results in a group setting, thanks to participatory decision-making processes. 

I am the founder and president of the Multilabs APS association, co-founder of the ethical marketing agency TaraWeb.


Positive Psychology

Developed by Marty Seligman and Pennsylvania University, it is grounded in scientific evidence to help individuals feel better and achieve their goals through their own strengths.


It provides decision-making processes and organizational structures to systematically choose together, activating group intelligence on both small and large scales.

Theory U

Facilitation, co-design, and stakeholder engagement method. Developed by MIT in Boston, it teaches innovation and prototyping by learning from the emerging future.

Agile Project Management

Responding to changes through revisions, retrospectives, and periodic planning by introducing useful principles and practices for managing individual and group projects.

Circular Economy

We can eliminate waste from design, production, and business models. This is now included in European guidelines and should not be confused with recycling or sustainability.

Digital and Communication

We can use technology to serve the common good, to become stronger and more aware, and to collaborate and overcome challenges together.