Riccardo di Biase

Online Coaching and facilitation

Riccardo di Biase

Online coaching and facilitation

Individual sessions and group programs.

Identify and express your values and make good use of your strengths.

Prioritize your needs and emotions, and appreciate the opinions and abilities of others openly and authentically.


Identify your and others’ needs to improve yourself and your plans


Set goals that are useful to everyone and find the best ways to achieve them


Improve your relationships by making good use of emotions and technology

Coaching and Facilitation

I work online with teams and individuals. My main tools are Positive Psychology, Theory U, Sociocracy, and Agile Project Management.

With my support, you can improve your decision-making and project-management skills. Together we will introduce practices and habits that will help you to plan and organize effectively and positively.

coaching individuale online

Individual Coaching

Choose your goals and achieve them leveraging your strengths and preferences.

facilitazione di gruppi online

Team Facilitation

Draw upon your differences to give your best together.

My values


No goal is impossible. I give my best today and learn what is needed for tomorrow.


I never compromise on my values. I take a stand to uphold them even in the face of difficulties.


I like to discover what I don’t know. Seeking answers to questions is more important than finding them.


I openly show who I am. I share intentions and objectives to create meaningful relationships.

coaching e facilitazione online

My tools

Positive Psychology

We already have within us everything we need to feel good. Let’s learn to recognise and appreciate our strengths and those of others.

Theory U

Innovate through awareness and listening, learning from the emerging future with an open mind, heart, and will.


Organize meetings and design inclusive organizational structures, promoting participation on both small and large scales.

Agile Project Management

Mindset, principles, and tools to cyclically improve our goals and perfect the strategies with which we pursue them.

About me

Riccardo is a splendid person. From our first meeting, I perceived his knowledge in many areas of expertise, from digital marketing to project management and coaching."
Roberto Parisi
High professionalism and passion for work and project development. Excellent teamwork and problem-solving skills.
Giulio Gargani
I worked with Riccardo on an important project, and his preparation was essential for the positive feedback from the client. He is a highly skilled colleague. I hope to work with him again.
Carlo Chiarotti